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The Best Top 7 Tips To Do Influencer Marketing Effectively




With dynamic market scenarios and changing customer behaviors, promoting your brand is becoming a challenge each new day. You have tried all the known digital marketing strategies, and still, need to reach a broader and more modern customer base. Have you heard of influencer marketing? And we will see Top 7 Tips To Do Influencer Marketing Effectively

You might have seen so many bloggers and social influencers out there, trying to help various brands gain enough brand awareness and social proof. This is known as influencer marketing and companies these days find it more cost-effective to promote their products and services through these influencers.

Be it food bloggers, fashion bloggers, or even travel bloggers, they help brands to build awareness and trust among their desired target market. You might ask how it can help a business?

The fact is influencers or bloggers have a good reputation among their followers, and they post compelling content every day to have a strong ‘influence’ on the visitors. So if they promote your brand, or even try out your products and review them, your potential buyers could think about trying your products and services too.

In short, since the influencers have built trust among its followers, promoting your brand through them would indirectly build trust with your target market. In influencer marketing, therefore, you as a brand form a mutually beneficial partnership with the person who has a strong influence in your target market or industry, and who agrees to promote your products and services. This helps you to get in front of your potential buyers in a more natural, optimistic, and meaningful way.

With that said, we have come up with a list of the top seven tricks that could help you do your influencer marketing right, especially if you are new to it. However, professionals, too, can apply them in their digital marketing strategies, if you haven’t already.

Top 7 Tips To Do Influencer Marketing

1.  Define Your Goals and Target Audience

To get started, you need to set your goals first and figure out what is the end result that you wish to achieve. Have a clear and precise action plan to help you find a way out more efficiently. You can have numerous goals, including generating leads, increasing brand awareness, or simply improving your relationship with your customers. Next, chalk out the ways you would want to achieve them and then decide the metrics you would use to monitor your performance.

For example, if your goal is to generate leads, a single influencer would do, provided that he/she is capable of promoting your brand through a series of social media posts. However, if you want to generate revenue, you must collaborate with multiple influencers. After that, you can work on creating custom affiliate links for each of them.

Similarly, you need to define your target audience as well to make sure that you are reaching the right people. This will make you strategise your campaign and have a clear idea of what your audience likes and dislikes. You need to do a bit of research to learn which is the most appropriate target group for you, so that your promotions don’t fall to the wrong ears. Also, you must do your research based on demographics like age, gender, interests, locations and other such factors. That would help you with more focused and specific targeting.

2.  Research on Your Influences Thoroughly

Before you start addressing any influence, you first need to make sure the extent of the market reach of the person, such as the number of followers, likes on each of their posts, shares and comments. These aspects will prove whether your influencer is genuine and has a good name within your target market. Also, make proper research on the social channels they use to promote their ideas and opinions and whether those platforms are favourable for your business.

Beware of fake influencers who are only out there to rob you of your money, and would eventually trick you of promoting ineffective sponsored content. Such promotional content might backfire on your business, and might ruin your hard-earned brand loyalty and trust. So before you part with your money by paying some fraudster, make sure your influencer has a favourable market reputation that would actually help your brand reach a massive group of audience. Also, remember that your fees will depend upon the number of followers the influencer has and directly proportional to each other.

To check whether a person is genuine or not, you need to look for his/her engagement rate and from their social media handles and then divide the data by the total number of followers he/she has. Finally, multiply the result by 100. As per expert recommendations made by Scrunch, you must always partner with someone who has an engagement rate of over 2.7%, to ensure that you have the best outcomes in your influencer marketing strategies.

3.  Who is the Audience of the Influencer?

Apart from thinking about your exposure, you also need to check the target market of your influencer. Is the person targeting the audience that you want to promote your brand in? Will it be beneficial for you to get your brand in front of the people who follow your influencer? So think about the end audience first and choose your influencer accordingly. Also, you need to make sure that your influencer’s audience is interested enough to receive your message and perform the necessary actions.

To achieve this, you can approach micro-influencers, who would ensure that your brand reaches a strong and highly engaged audience, no matter how small it might be. This could bring in more leads and would be more effective than targeting a large group of uninterested people. Also, you can work with them at much affordable rates since they have a fewer number of followers.

4.  Create Ultra-Targeted Campaigns

Creating highly targeted campaigns would be an effective influencer marketing strategy, and you can reach a target group that would have a keen interest in your industry. This involves targeting a much smaller and more specific audience segment. After that, you can work on creating more concentrated campaigns to have a more significant impact within your target group. This would help build your brand awareness among your audience as they can see your content everywhere. Further, it helps to increase your exposure rapidly among the smaller groups of people. Well-known influencers, even if they have a smaller fan following count, would have more impact on your target market.

5.  Award Your Influencers

Small tokens can show your gratefulness and reverence for your influencers and hence, would encourage them to make more collaborations or promotions for you. You need not always give monetary compensations; gift items have a greater impact. However, you cannot expect much by merely gifting your bloggers. You can just request them to promote your brand on their social media handles. To make your influencers try out your products and give a positive review on them, you need to build more meaningful relationships with them and make sure that you have gained their trust first.

6.  Think Beyond Sponsored Content

Influencer marketing is not just about ‘sponsored content’, which many businesses think; its possibilities lie beyond. It will be much more effective if you collaborate with your influencers and work with them on various projects for more fruitful targeting. Many brands are creating impactful content together with their influencers, and it has shown promising results.

Moreover, these bloggers have a greater variety of content creating ideas, and they can help you to build your brand image in a very engaging manner by using the power of story-making. Besides creating content, your influencers can bring you closer to a much wider audience, thus giving enough visibility to your brand. What’s more, it also helps to build more meaningful relationships with these influential bloggers or vloggers. This, in turn, will be beneficial for you when you make more of such collaborations with them in the future.

7.  Forget Quantity, Focus on Quality

As always, quality matters the most, no matter how much content you post per week. As long as your message is impactful, you are good to go. Most brands approach influencers who have a more massive fan following, and that is for a reason. They are renowned for the quality of the content they post, rather than the quantity. However, even if you work with an influencer having just a few followers, but the content it posts is highly targeted and persuasive, then go for it.

Work with those who would have a real impact on your audience. Also, make sure to take the suggestions of your influencers, because they have more expertise in this field and would have more unique content ideas. Besides, you must also work on improving your relationships with them for motivating them into customising your promotions.

Key Takeaway: Top 7 Tips To Do Influencer Marketing Effectively

Influencer marketing, being a relatively newer yet one of the most impactful strategies in digital marketing, you would get a host of opportunities. The abovementioned tricks could help you get your brand out there, helping you to come closer to your audience. Social media influencers can help you know your niche audience better and generate more leads and conversions. Do you know that the original form of influencer marketing was celebrity endorsement? It’s just that, in today’s market, the bloggers act as the most influential people who can have a lasting impression among your target market.


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