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20 Ways Content Writers Can Make You Rich




Content Writers Can Make You Rich? Writers never get paid enough. Hear that too often? But is it possible to make good money for every word that you write? Think about a marketing company or an investment analysis company for that matter. Do their reports or maybe website descriptions write themselves? Do they know how to write it? No.

Do they want to know how to write it? Definitely not.  And here come in the content writers we are talking about. There are hundreds of people out there who are willing to pay someone else to do it for them.

You just need to hit the right strategy and the right channel of communication. While so much is changing in the digital space, there are plenty of ways you can make a decent amount of money with content writing.

Let us discuss 20 ways in which you can mint a decent amount of money in the space of content writing.

Content Writers Can Make You Rich

  1. Start a Blog

Blogging is one of the most popular and one of the most accessible channels for content writing. Freelance writing through blogs has taken through a spur in the last few years. But let us face it. Blogging or blog writing is not as glamorous as the other ways may seem, but the fact remains that if you stay consistent, making money is no rocket science with blogging as the channel of content writing. You could be paid for writing about nearly everything from health to fashion and from travel to pets. There are several niches which might pay a little more than the others, but all of them do, that is for sure.

  1. Choose A Profitable Niche According to Your Interests

Every niche is not a high paying niche, Agreed. But it can become one if you are willing to let your creativity flow in. Look for your interests. Does a particular niche attract you mare than the others? Does it fall in your space of interest? Does it offer as much money as you are the hard work you are willing to put in? Look for answers to these simple questions, and in no time, you would be able to choose your niche wisely.

Content Writers Can Make You Rich
  1. Look for The Ideal Clients and Communicate with Them

Choose your clients wisely. Your client could be a start-up, a corporate client, or it might be another writer! Focus on building a good portfolio. It is not that the money doesn’t matter, but keep in mind that the quality of work always matters more.

  1. Prepare Your Own Writing Samples

Whenever you apply for any new gig or offer your services to any new client, you would always need your work samples by your side. Seldom will people be there who will agree to pay you without looking at the quality of your work. And the cherry on the cake would be your writing samples revolving around the niche you aspire to work around. People want to hire quality content writers focussing on one particular niche.

  1. Expand Your Presence in The Social Media Space

Social media is a powerful space. Being on social media and building a name can surface more people looking at your work. More you are present online; more people will see you. Imagine- you have a great social media presence, and a media agency spotted your post, and now they want to hire you. Sounds unreal? Absolutely not.

  1. Build A Brand That Speaks for You

Expressing who you are and what you do in front of your audience helps massively in case of content writing. From the font styles you choose to the colors you choose, all of it can define who you are. Your blog or website should be an appropriate reflection of your actual personality.

  1. Follow People Who are Working Successfully in Your Niche

Follow other writers who are working and writing around the similar niche. Observe their work. Try and analyze the difference n the quality of work. Are they earning more than you? What could be the reason? Does their writing have a quality that you lack? This thorough analysis will help you build yourself better and grow efficiently.

  1. Share What You like

Liked someone’s piece of writing? Share it. Don’t be the guy (or girl) who isn’t supportive of the fellow writers merely due to envy or fear of competition. Sharing other people’s content will help you build a community and gather more connections. The more you connect, the more people will refer you.

  1. Understand the Requirements of the Client

While some clients might want the best quality of work no matter how much time it takes, the others might prefer quantity with strict deadlines. Hence, it is quite important to understand the requirements of the clients and deliver accordingly.

  1. Diversify

Out of all the options available, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and most profitable channels for earning through content writing. While working on your blog or social media channel, as usual, you can join certain affiliate programs that can provide you with some percentage of the amount as the commission amount for each sale taking place through your blog.

  1. Ghost Writing

In simple words, ghostwriting is the process of writing content that would be published under someone else’s name. And they will pay you for doing that. But not all writers are willing to do that. So, if you are some who is interested in doing ghostwriting projects which (usually) pay well, there are hundreds of people looking out for you.

  1. Copy Writing

No, it is not literally copywriting 🙂 Copywriting is basically writing for the purpose of advertising and marketing. Remember the little taglines you associate certain brands for years to come? So, let your creative juices flow and earn through copywriting.

  1. E-Mail Marketing

Contrary to the common perception, E-mail marketing is still alive and can work wonders if the right strategy is employed. It is one of the easiest ways to sell a product or a service to potential customers. Brands need writers who can write attractive and crisp content which can help them build a catchy campaign and therefore sell more.

  1. Content Rewriting

Familiar with the concept of same-same but different? While search engines are constantly refreshing their algorithms, the content needs to be revamped according to the new guidelines of search engine optimization. This is quite an easy way to gather some riches for yourself.

  1. Academic and Course Content Writing

Online courses are quite trending in today’s era of digitalization, and hence it is important to have someone who can prepare content that is different and insightful. So, if you think you can write content that is easy to understand as well as unique, academic, or course content writing might be for you! There is a wide range of courses available in various niches do it’s not a difficult task to find one that suits you.

  1. Script Writing

Digital mediums are growing rapidly, and video formats are the most widely used ones for conveying one’s ideas and thoughts. The number of YouTube and film content creators is growing day by day, and so is the demand for scriptwriters. Writing scripts requires a vivid imagination and an open-minded approach to every subject. This is a market with vast growth potential, and we highly recommend you try your hand at it.

  1. Social Media Captions

With the outrageous growth in the number of lifestyle bloggers and influencers on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, writing smart and attractive captions has become really important. No hard work here, just smart work can do wonders. And trust us, the demand is more than you can imagine right now!

  1. Press Release Writing

There are some amazing opportunities in the field of press release writing. In a world of start-ups, press releases are a thing of the present. Press Release is basically an official statement provided to third party clients to cover a milestone achieved by a company or simply for making an official announcement.

  1. Writing Speeches

Speech Writing implies writing the conversational points to be presented at an official event or ceremony. It is similar to writing press releases in a few ways but is more interactive in its format. Every CEO that you hear in big corporate events has their speech written by professional writers because neither do they have the time and nor the skill to do it.

  1. Podcasts

Podcasts are the new medium of communication that has taken the internet by the storm. The audience doesn’t want to look at the face anymore; they are more concerned about the information and messages being conveyed to them. While there are close to an infinite number of podcasts available, there are only a few of them that have managed to attract the audience. This is because of the style in which the information is being conveyed. So, writing podcasts can be one profitable business.


While we have discussed how to make the most out of the content writing business, the most important aspect is that your content should be crisp, unique, and strictly free of any plagiarism. The grammar and language should also be double-checked. Following the right strategies, we are sure you can go lengths in the field of content writing.

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